Monday, July 23, 2007


unvarnished facts, reckless guesswork, insinuations and possible inventions that have arrived at tony preston, former director of the christchurch art gallery, is planning to stand for the christchurch city council in the october 2007 elections. although the 2007 annual plan for the university of auckland (national institute of creative arts and industries) elam school of fine arts is 18 pages long, it doesn’t include the words, sculpture, painting, photography or installation. on the other hand, the word research is used 85 times. at least one major request for cnz arts funding in the last round that was approved by the specialist visual arts panel was rejected by the arts board, none of whom have any specialist visual arts knowledge. the next scape in Christchurch will be curated by the “unique curatorial pairing” of “the hugely influential” danae mossman and the “internationally renowned” fulya erdemci. scape’s press release tells us the two intend to “reinvent democracy, equality and “publicness”. the art newspaper reports that the university of auckland’s hood fellow for 2007, stephen farthing RA is the subject of a$35 million law suit accusing him and the board of the new york academy of art of ‘conspiring to conceal the illegal spending of more than $1 million of the school’s endowment’. any missed details, indignant denials or additions gratefully received, and the one that makes us laugh out loud the longest - rewarded. thanks to everyone involved and anyone responsible.