Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More good news than you can shake a stick at

We had a talk with Rose and Cath at Creative New Zealand last week. We asked again why who was on the visual arts panel was kept secret until after grants had been awarded. The bad news is that Cath didn’t think knowing who was on the panel made any difference. The good news is she agreed that CNZ “would revisit our practice of not releasing committee members' names prior to the committee meeting”. Hopefully for the next round, we should be able to let you have the names as soon as the members are decided. Rose and Cath also told us that CNZ “will keep faith with peer assessment”, so that’s good news too.

So, panel members for the last visual arts assessment were: Ann Shelton, Ali Bramwell, Denys Watkins, Simon Morris and Richard Reddaway.

But even the best laid plans… with Ann Shelton moving to Wellington and the addition of Richard Reddaway you can see in this new panel three of the five members are on the staff of Massey University's College of Creative Arts in Wellington.
Image: The stick