Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hard core fans

The internet is a strange place. Last week we received an email from Boris, a website administrator, asking if we were related to Alfred H Barr Jnr, the founder director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. We wish. Anyway, the email pointed us to Susie Bright’s blog. It turns out Susie is a sexologist with books to her name like The sexual state of the union, Three the hard way and How to write a dirty story. Ok, how does our namesake Alfred H Barr and Andy Warhol fit in?

Susie, it seems has just brought a second hand car and under the seat found an old (October 18, 1956) letter from MoMA rejecting an offer to gift one of his shoe drawings by Andy Warhol. As Andy Warhol is a special interest it was easy to check it out. Yes, there was a rejection letter sent at that time and, yes, it was signed by Alfred H Barr. Unfortunately we suspect that Susie’s letter is one of the facsimiles from the Andy Warhol Pop Box, published five years ago by the Andy Warhol Museum. As Andy Warhol would have said, “Gee.”
Illustration: Susie’s letter. Click on the image to read.