Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beneath the stars my ten guitars

The Art + Object catalogue arrived this morning with a sensational cover image of Peter Robinson’s glass sculpture Inflation theory 2. One of the feature items in the auction is Michael Parekowhai’s guitar Tua Iwa from Patriot: Ten Guitars. We saw all ten being played at the Ten Guitars opening at Artspace in Auckland and later at the City Gallery in Wellington. Hopefully the new owner will agree to lend if the set is ever gathered together again. Not to upstage Michael Parekowhai or the Art + Object auction, check out Rhys Chatham’s 100 Guitars. Magnet magazine had this to say, "Blue Oyster Cult and Kiss might’ve made noises about guitar armies, but it took composer Rhys Chatham to actually deploy one." And, if you like the idea of 100 electric guitar players marching over a hill, this incredible link on YouTube is the place to go.
Image: Rhys Chatham’s Les 100 guitares