Friday, September 09, 2016

One day in the Mayor’s office

Mayor: I’m lovin’ the way Hamilton keeps putting up statues of stuff. Soldjers, cattle, naval commanders, all sorts of shit.

Councillor: Indeed. It is becoming the bronze capital of New Zealand.

M: I want us to get in on some of that bronze action. We need a big local name to celebrate, someone we can bronze up and put in a park somewhere.

C: Turn Kurow into one of those cultural capital things?

M: That’s the spirit. Who’ve we got, famous-wise?

C: There’s that Wilson family who had the kid that won New Zealand has Talent.

M: drugs.

C: I’ve got it. McAwsome!

M: Ritchie? Oh, I don’t know. He’s a big fellah … take a lot of bronze … expensive..

C: Not if we use the lost wax process.

M: True enough.

C: We could get that guy Patterson to do it, he’s a civic sculpture whizz kid.

M: Whatever. First thing we need to sell the idea.

C: We could get a maquette made

M: What, show them a tent?

C: No, not a marquee, a little version of what we’ve got in mind made out of butter or something.

M: You mean a tiny statue of Ritchie we could show people and say ‘look, it’s only small, it won’t cost hardly anything’?

C: Yeah, a conceptual model.

And that is what they did