Friday, September 30, 2016

Style section: splatter pics

In the now seamless mash up between fashion and the visual arts, no one does it with more flair than the American artist Sterling Ruby. His hand-bleached splattered jackets and hoodies have already walked the runway as part of a Raf Simons’s show and Simons (a close friend) wants to do more with Ruby’s one-off-mass lines. But for Ruby it’s more than pushing out a look into the public; he and his team make the clothes he and many of his studio assistants wear ever day, ‘I’ve almost reached a point where I only wear what I make,’ he said recently about this production of studio uniforms. You can see and read more about Sterling Ruby’s collaborations with Raf Simons here and his approach to what gets worn in the studio here.

Images: left, Ruby studio wear and right with Raf Simons