Friday, July 22, 2016

Three times weird

1  Artist claims he never painted a work and the courts don’t believe him

Peter Doig has made it clear that a painting owned by an ex prison warder was not by him. In fact, says Doig, who did serve time himself, it was by another Doig (no relation) serving time at the same time as Doig, as it were. But the courts disagree and now Doig (the Peter variety) is being sued for denying authorship and is being required to prove he didn’t paint the work. OK

2  Artist says he never painted the work and the BBC reckons he’s wrong

A BBC reality show about fakes has claimed that a Lucian Freud painting that the artist has disowned was, in fact, painted by him. SO THERE.

3  Artist claims that fakes painted by a forger who has confessed to making them are in fact his

Korean painter Lee Ufan, after inspecting 13 forgeries of his work in a Seoul police station, has claimed, even though the forger has admitted to banging them up, that he could find nothing wrong with them.  SAY WHAT?

Images: top to bottom, Doig, Freud and Ufan