Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rotten Apple

Given the mileage Andy Warhol and his peers (including Billy Apple) got out of advertising, it’s probably reasonable to expect some blow back from the agencies. In Billy Apple’s case, however, you might have expected it to come from somewhere other than New Zealand Trade & Enterprise. Its promotional materials for the 2016 International Business Awards celebrate the successes of the Apple and Pear Marketing Board with a gold apple and a gold pear.  Not only that, they are also placed on a plinth, complete with an art museum label detailing dimensions and media, we’re in lookalike copycat territory, as in the clear reference back to Billy Apple’s 1983 apple made of 103 ounces of pure gold (unlike the Apple effort the somewhat cheesy copycat is only plated).  

So why shouldn’t T&E liberate Apple’s gold apple idea? Well maybe because one of the stated goals of the Awards is that it, ‘recognises success in developing and commercialising innovation in international markets; incorporating intellectual property strategy, processes and monitoring’. And protecting Billy Apple’s innovation and IP? ….um….we’ll get back to you on that.

Images: left New Zealand Trade & Enterprise's copycat apple and right Billy's apple.