Friday, July 01, 2016

Hands up

In the sculpting of giant hands, the one hand sculpture is King. The GH sculpture crown is keenly contested around the world from Joe Louis’s fist in Detroit to  Lorenzo Quinn's big mitt picking up cars or scooters. It’s certainly been a tough run race but the contest is all now. In a single handsome gesture on the roof of the Christchurch Art Gallery, Ronnie van Hout has become the undisputed master of the mega hand. You heard that first on OTN. No correspondence will be entered into.

Images: top to bottom (left to right), Ronnie van Hout’s Quasi in Christchurch, unknown artist Meir shopping street in Antwerp, Lorenzo Quinn twice (scooter and tank), Maurizio Cattelan Middle finger, Botero, Llew Summers The hand in Wanaka, Sophie Ryder The kiss in Salisbury, Gangnam style hands in Seoul, two hand works by Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal’s, Oscar Rodriguez, En-trust by John Merrill and Robert Graham’s tribute to heavyweight champion Joe Louis in Detroit