Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Bigears couldn’t be at the Auckland Art fair this year so Bigeyes read what people had to say.

‘I think we are near the entrance which gives us two bites of the cherry, get them on the way in get them on the way out!’ -Instagram

‘… pulsing crackling energy.’ -EyeContact

‘… glad I couldn't attend!‘ -EyeContact

‘I am pro gold jewelry.’ -Instagram

‘Auckland Art Fair – brilliant ‘ -Twitter

‘Don’t be afraid to talk to the dealers.… Most of them are genuinely enthusiastic about the work they show, and want you to be as excited by it as they are.’ – Metro

‘Stallholders smile warmly; you’ll have the full focus of their attention for five seconds’. -EyeContact

‘…utterly mesmerising.’ -Facebook

‘Disjointed art and unbridled commerce.’ -The Spinoff

‘Each work available individually.’ -Instagram

‘Auckland Art Fair, in association with money.’ -Twitter

‘My bronze rat infested walnuts made it into @nzhouseandgarden...’ -Instagram

'...it's the art that's important.' -The Gisborne Herald