Friday, May 06, 2016

A bronze for gold

This is a bit Googley, but there you go. A couple of years back we posted on the Noack Foundry in Berlin. It specialises in the production of bronzes for artists like Georg Baselitz, Joseph Beuys and Henry Moore. Oddly, we saw one of their Moore castings yesterday in Mexico City but it wasn't in an art museum as you might expect. No, it was on the desk of the great Mexican architect Luis Barragan because it was his Pritzker Prize, the ultimate architecture award that was started by the family that owns Hyatt Hotels. As the prize was first awarded in 1979 and only nine of these Moore bronzes were cast, they ran out after a while and so from 1987 on a medallion has been given. Barragan won his in 1980 and is the only Mexican architect to have so far received one. We've visited two of Barragan’s key works in Mexico City, his home and studio, and the Cuadra San Cristobal and have put up pictures on OTN:ARCHITECTURE . You can see Barragan's home and studio here and his stables here. And as it is the end of the week we are throwing in two Frank Gehry buildings too, a Sydney business school and a business school in Cleveland Ohio.

Images: from the top: Luis Barragan’s Pritzker Prize and photographs taken at his home and studio.