Friday, September 11, 2015

The Empire strikes back

The University of Auckland wasn’t too impressed by our evaluation of that unfortunate Rembrandt poster show or our suggestion that it was associated with it. They made it clear that Auckland is not the only university involved and the two cash prizes (sorry, scholarships) are available to any NZ art history or fine arts students in the country. OK, we guess that spreads responsibility but doesn’t really avoid it. 

They were also pretty hot on pointing out that the Art History Department of the University of Auckland was 'not administering the scholarship but only publicising it'. Well, that was of course the point we were making all along. 

As a side note, we got it wrong when we said the students had to pay $15 to get into the show so they could write their ‘motivating 500-word letters.’ The U of A tell us there was a special student rate of $5.  You will be pleased and proud to know that, as tempting as it was, at no time did we reach for the ‘only haggling over the price’ joke.