Saturday, February 01, 2014

Welch rare bit

Saturday is dance day and what better to dance around than the sculptures created for the 1968 Olympics held in Mexico City? And who better to dance around them than Raquel Welch? For sure Welch and her spacey team own the all time award for a group dancing around multiple sculptures, or at the very least the Mexican version of that award. 

And, because you're all more interested in sculpture than sixties choreography, here's a hard-won list in order of appearance.

Jorge Dubón, Señales
José María Subirachs, Mexico
Herbert Bayer, Articulated wall
Joop J. Beljon, Gathering of giants
Ángela Gurría, Signs
Pierre Székely, The two-legged sun

If you're still with us you may be interested to know that a video of a 2009 recreation by Marko Lulic in the Erich Hauser sculpture park will feature in this year's Sydney Biennale or want to check out this other bizarre Welch video putting her own unique spin on those classics Aquarius and Let the sun shine in. (Thanks again B, never a dull moment)