Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Paging Gavin Chilcott

Everyone talks about how social media are central to the future of art museums and Te Papa has certainly setting the pace using its blog to muster help on getting a crowd to help transcribe the 41 diaries of photographer Leslie Adkin. Now the City Gallery is at it too with their new senior curator Robert Leonard on the search for some Gavin Chilcott drawings. They were made after Chilcott joined the line of artists unceremoniously dumped from the Peter McLeavey Gallery in the eighties. Chilcott didn’t take it lying down and reproduced McLeavey’s good-bye letter in a series of drawings. To spread the word and increase his chances of snagging one of these rare birds, Leonard (robert.leonard@wmt.org.nz) has used the Gallery’s Facebook page (quick view here). No bites yet by the look of it but other art-related pages have shared it around so still in with a chance.