Monday, August 12, 2013

The village voice

Former dealer Marshall Seifert calls the Auckland Art Fair a “hyped up tap dance" and Venice Commissioner Heather Galbraith says she was there  “more for conversation than looking.” Artist Scott Eady admits that “you have to work a lot harder to be visible” when you're based in Dunedin and Sue Gardiner of the Chartwell Trust explains how Trust founder Rob Gardiner looked to Denmark's Louisiana Museum of Modern Art for his public/ private model. And not to forget, Auckland Art Gallery curator Ron Brownson reminding us that the Auckland Art Gallery is “not a contemporary art museum”.

All this is from a smart set of video interviews conducted by Letting Space’s Sophie Jerram and Mark Amery at the Auckland Art Fair. The number of videos available on their Studio Channel Art Fair is still growing but as we post there are eight (there are now 16) which you can watch here.