Friday, August 09, 2013

One day in the kitchen

Parent 1: What the hell are we going to do for the birthday?

Parent 2: I thought you were going to take them to McDonalds?

P1: Not after last year I'm not. We still can’t walk past the place.

P2: How about a magician?

P1: And what is it about the last one letting that pigeon shit all over the living room you don’t remember?

P2: Oh, that’s right…and the kids didn’t respond that well did they?

P1: No, they did not. Who knew pigeons had so much stuff inside them?

P2: Ok then, how about a human statue? A human statue couldn’t cause much trouble.

P1: Let me think about that for a minute.

P2: No seriously, we could have a living cowboy statue just standing in the corner for the whole party. The kids could make faces at him and poke him and stuff.

P1: I’m not sure a cowboy would be so interesting. How about a James Bond-type woman painted gold?

P2: I was thinking more like a centurion or a character from Narnia or a mermaid. Even a Devil might be fun.

P1: Why not ask for a tree statue or a hobbit statue. Besides, it's all academic. I'm not sure you can even hire human statues.

But indeed you can.