Friday, June 07, 2013


The latest round of Creative NZ Grants has been published. In the major round of Arts Board Grants the visual arts scored $237,297 – that’s 15 percent of the total funds allocated. And in the visual art grants the biggest chunk (47 percent) went to offshore projects like the Istanbul Biennale ($29,700) and another Len Lye exhibition, this time in New York ($27,500). Publishing did well taking around 28 percent of the funding including $32,500 to EyeContact.

The results of two other funding rounds with a combined value of $358,000 were also released. One distributes on a dollar for dollar subsidy basis and the other funds sector development. Neither funded any visual art projects.

Other numbers:
13  the total number of grants made to the visual arts
53  the percentage of grant money given to males
32  the percentage of money given to females
64  the total number of grants funded in the Arts Board Grants
17,484  the average amount in dollars granted to visual art projects
25,214  the average amount in dollars granted to non visual arts projects