Tuesday, June 11, 2013

By the numbers

2      the number of exhibitions opening this week at the City Gallery in Wellington that have come from the IMA in Brisbane

3      the amount in millions of dollars of funds requested but not granted in the last Creative NZ Arts Board round

12    the number of venues considered for Bill Culbert’s Venice presentation before settling on La Pieta

16    the number of pages in Creative NZ’s Quick Response Application form

35    the percentage of women exhibiting as solo artists in the Auckland Triennial

38    the number of years ago the two photos that a visitor to the Tauranga Art Gallery has just found “repugnant” were taken by Fiona Clarke

100  the number of people who held up cards to make up fake Warhol portraits of Peter Jackson and Alison Mau to promote Te Papa's Andy Warhol exhibition

133  the estimated cost in dollars of an EyeContact review based on the number of reviews last year and this year's Creative NZ grant

180 the number of patrons who contributed to this year’s New Zealand outing in Venice

13,500  the total number of dollars sought by the three visual arts projects currently on the Arts Foundation's Boosted site

20,000  the number in dollars to be awarded for the Parkin Drawing Prize