Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spilling it

If you follow OTN with close attention you'll recall that on or around the end of 2011 we removed a Found post for Nick Spill, conceptual performance artist and curator at the National Art Gallery in the 1980s. Spill considered that his secret life as a bodyguard didn’t bear repeating given some of the agencies he worked for and we guess their high class clients.

Now Spill has come out from behind the security fence and published The way of the bodyguard. According to Spill the book has been written for “those who are curious about the world of bodyguards, those who want to get into the profession” (and let's face it who isn’t? and who doesn’t?) and next week will be available at Amazon for $4.99.

There are many tips along the way. “They [potential bank robbers] looked at my suit jacket, probably worked out I was wearing a bulletproof vest under my white shirt and tie and that I had a large handgun somewhere.” Bulletproof vest, check. Large handgun, check.

And, “ According to verbal judo doctrine an uncocked tongue is more dangerous than an uncocked gun.” Tongue cocked, check.

And, “The way of the bodyguard is to lose your ego.” Uncheck ego, check.

And, finally, “If a new bodyguard shows up to work for me without a flashlight, and a pen and notebook, I send them home.” Pen, flashlight and notebook, check, check, check.