Monday, May 13, 2013

Big Ears

An ear to the ground at the Frieze Art Fair:

“You talk to them, they’ll talk to George and George, can get back to us via Gina. Then maybe we can do something.”

“All I can say is whatever you think of his collection it certainly works in dollar terms.”

Collector: “I’ve got one of those but I think it is a different size.”
Dealer: “Yes they do come in different sizes.”
Collector: “I don’t like that.”

A: “There aren’t any labels, so how do you know who did what?”
B: “If you don’t know who they’re by you can’t afford them.”

A: “Love your trousers.”
B: “Thank you, they’re green.”
A: “I noticed.”

A: “That guy is totally of the moment.”
B: “Who is he?”
A: “Can’t remember.”

A: “Is it just me or are things getting smaller and smaller and costing more and more?”
B: “Mostly you I think.”

A: “Well at least we’re not screwing anyone over and that’s a good thing. Right?”
B: (uncomfortable silence)

Collector: “I do so love Struth.”
Dealer: “Actually this one is by Wolfgang Tillmans.”
Collector: “Oh, I’m not so sure about Tillmans.”

Collector on the phone: “Where are you? Oh. Have you seen anything… me? …no… it’s all either too big or too blue.”