Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Man up

The word is that Te Papa has appointed two women to senior Associate Director positions in its new set up (more on this next week) adding to a growing number of recently appointed women to top jobs:

Viv Beck – Deputy Director Auckland Art Gallery
Elizabeth Caldwell – Director City Gallery Wellington
Courtenay Johnston – Director Dowse Art Gallery
Zara Stanhope – Principal Curator Auckland Art Gallery
Helen Kedgley - Director of Pataka Art + Museum

A bit early to say if this will make a big difference but if Wellington City Gallery is anything to go by (they have had a woman director for over 20 years) it looks like the men are safe for the moment.

The City Gallery has just put out its years schedule admittedly a big step-up for a gallery that has always been so secretive over its future plans. Key exhibitions showing this year:

Gregory Crewdson
Shane Cotton
Glen Hayward
Len Lye
Also showing:
Daniel Betham
Tim Wigmore

Currently showing: 
Ben Cauchi
James R Ford
Oh Jaewoo
Wayne Youle

You can see the full post February list (including the miserably small representation of women artists for the year) here

As a reader notes there are already a number of women art museum directors already: Tina Barton (Adam), Julie Catchpole (Nelson), Fiona Ciaran (Aigantighe), Rhana Devenport (GBAG), Jenny Harper (Christchurch), Penelope Jackson (Tauranga), Cherie Meecham (Waikato) and Linda Tyler (Gus Fisher). There are more we are sure, email us and we'll add them to the list.