Monday, December 17, 2012

One day in the planning office of the Shanghai Biennale

Project Manager 1: What are we going to do about visitors touching the 
Project Manager 2: I assume it’s not up for negotiation that we have to let them in?
PM 1: Not that again.  You know our sponsors are adamant about that.
PM 2: High voltage…forget I even said that… I guess it’ll have to be stanchions again.
PM1: Agreed but this time I want them to be a bit more stylish.
PM2: We could get the marketing department off our backs for once and have them branded.
PM 1: Brilliant! What’s our brand colour?
PM 2: I’m told it’s bright orange.
PM 1: That should stand out and keep the buggers away from the work. Besides it could look quite striking.

And it did.