Thursday, December 13, 2012

Give us a sign

In Russia the exhibition End of fun by Jake and Dinos Chapman is being investigated for a possible prosecution under the country’s extremism laws. The offensive content is in the form of tiny figures in Nazi uniforms. In the last two months our RSS feed tagged to ‘swastika’ has captured over 100 stories from around the world featuring the outrage, indignation and prosecutions caused by swastikas being displayed, used as Christmas decorations, sprayed on gravestones and Obama posters etc.
Meanwhile in Germany the New Zealand exhibition Contact could feature a painting by Peter Robinson with a swastika and the words ‘Pakeha has rights too’ and raise not a peep. What does an exhibition have to do to get a little attention? We can’t find any reviews of the show, and certainly nothing on the Min of Culture and Heritage’s site or even the NZ at Frankfurt sub site. Maybe some sort of record has been broken here.