Tuesday, November 06, 2012


The disastrous floods that hit New York with Hurricane Sandy proved very destructive in the Chelsea art dealer precinct. Here are a few of the more poignant photographs (click on image to enlarge).

Top two rows, during and after the waters.

Second row left, a Carl Andre sculpture is left outside the Paula Cooper Gallery to dry with rust already forming. Centre, even industrial roller doors were buckled by the flood waters as they raged through to the street level gallery of David Zwirner. Right, pumping out the gallery.

Third row, tide lines at David Zwirner, Gagosian and an unlucky crate

Bottom, in one of the few moments of dark humour the appropriately named artist Mark Flood tempted fate at the Zach Feuer Gallery which like many of the ground floor galleries it is currently closed.

More photos and info here on Michael Neff’s Pinterest

Images: Top to bottom, left to right, photographs by Lindsay Howard, Art Fag City, Linda Yablonsky, Linda Yablonsky, Michael Neff, Katya Kazakina/Bloomberg, Katya Kazakina/Bloomberg, Julia Halperin and Zach Feuer