Thursday, November 01, 2012

McCahon sat here

Colin McCahon once famously wrote on a drawing of the cliffs at Muriwai: “McLeavey sat here”. But where did McCahon sit? If Trade Me is anything to go by for at least some of the time it was on a Scandinavian-style couch with a small bench end that doubled as storage space. And yes, this piece of furniture refurbished has now ended up online with an ‘opening bid’ of $1000. 

According to the seller it was purchased from descendents of Colin McCahon who said that it had originally been used by him but when it became tatty, it had been given to them for a flat. After being passed around the family for a number of years, the current seller purchased it with its original “faded blue weave” (for any McCahon obsessives out there).

You can bid for the couch which is now “covered in a very expensive linen” here
(Thanks for the heads-up P)