Wednesday, October 10, 2012

X marks the spot

The recent outpouring in Twitter over the defacing of a Rothko painting in the Tate the other day (here’s a good summary on Best of 3) got us to checking out how many times that artist has appeared on OTN over the years. Well that was a bit of a surprise. Turns out we have featured or mentioned Rothko 17 times, including a terse post of 16 May 2007 “Sell Rothko” (so much for us knowing anything about the art market).

Rothko on OTN::

His inclusion in 1952 MoMA show 15 Americans Sell
Rothko Hanging on the set of I am legend
 Getting rained on in Australia
Coming in second fiddle to a four year old
Being insulted by the Arts Channel
Telling it like it is Being hung upside down
Getting rained on – again (well, it was a great story)
Starring in Kick-ass
Standing up and being counted
Being on MTV
Making a guest appearance in the AAG’s collection
Starring in Entourage
Spotted in an Auckland Sushi bar
Influencing McCahon
Starring in Mad Men

Image: Mark Rothko’s 1958 canvas Black on Maroon the way it should be