Wednesday, October 03, 2012

A day for Knight

The latest Artforum fell out of our mailbox yesterday. Fortunately we were able to jump back in time so we weren’t injured. It’s the Fiftieth anniversary issue and by far the fattest edition (550 pages, just under two kilos) of a magazine that has grown its girth with the market over the last 30 or so years. 

This anniversary seems the right moment to remember the personal association New Zealand has had with Artforum thanks to one of its Publishers, Knight Landesman. Knight has visited several times and he has been an indefatigable host to New Zealanders in New York. Anyone who has done the Saturday gallery round with Knight comes away with two things. One, how everybody (no exceptions) in the New York art world knows Knight and how all of them (ok, maybe there is one who doesn’t) seem to love him, and two, how you need a full Sunday to recover. 

Someone once said you could analyse the art market’s health by making a bar chart of a year’s worth of Artforums and watching the piles grow and diminish. If that’s the case, recession or no recession, the international art market is in awesome good health.