Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hearts and minds

Te Papa is now set to implement its “bold new vision” Changing hearts, changing minds, changing lives. This week four new senior management jobs are being advertised after yet another restructuring since Te Papa opened in 1998.

This time Te Papa is looking for an Associate Director: Te Papa Museum of Living Cultures, Associate Director: Museum Operations and Services, Associate Director: Te Papa Museum for the Future and Associate Director: Te Papa Enterprises. The job that most clearly demonstrates Te Papa's new focus is the last one. The Enterprise guy (it’s going to be a guy trust us) is to be charged with “generating revenue for Te Papa through the development of new products, processes and services, and new partnerships and sponsorships.”

Nothing much new there. But for anyone interested in art there's a stinger at the bottom of this job description as the Enterprise department "will also ensure Te Papa operates commercially when curating exhibitions” and will be responsible for "commercialising artefacts" You have until 24 September to apply.

OK. Hands up anyone who wants to be a curator at Te Papa. No one? Fair enough.

You can read the four job descriptions Enterprises: here, Living culture: here, Operations: here and Future here.