Saturday, September 29, 2012

By the numbers: Gagosian edition

It's been a Gagosian kind of week so, it being Saturday, why don't you kick back and think of what might have been if you'd only started out your business life selling posters on the street.
1.1       the turnover per year of the Gagosian Gallery in billions of dollars
5.75     the number in millions of dollars that Larry Gagosian paid for his US gallery building
8          the number of cities with a Gagosian Gallery
12        the number of Gagosian spaces around the world
34       the number in years that there has been a Gagosian Gallery
65       the number in millions estimated as the current value of Gagosian’s NY building
67       the age in years of Larry Gagosian
77       the number of artists or artist estates represented by the Gagosian Gallery
150     the number of staff members working for Gagosian Gallery
300     the number of Damien Hirst spot paintings shown in the Gagosian Gallery around the world earlier this year
665     the number of people in thousands who attended the Sydney Biennale this year
1467   the number of people who join the Gagosian Gallery Facebook page per month
14,200     the number of square metres of permanent Gagosian Gallery exhibition space
33,849     the number of Facebook fans of the Gagosian Gallery
103,731    the amount in dollars of the average Gagosian Gallery salary
Image: OTN's Berlin stringer catches Larry Gagosian at the Hamburger Bahnhof