Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One day at the National Gallery in London

Marketing Department 1: This Leonardo show is surprisingly successful.

Marketing Department 2: Kinda. Like who’d have thought an Italian artist would be such an attraction to an English audience?

M1: Well, he is quite famous.

M2: He is? Not in my world. Is he a celebrity of some kind?

M1: Mmm. Sort of....

M2: Then why don’t we step him up to the plate? Although I'd like a bit more than ‘sort of’.

M1: Step up how?

M2: Oh I don’t know, an app?

M1: Done it already.

M2: A video game? 

M1: Please.

M2: A TV series?

M1: I said please before.

M2: I know. A full-length feature film.

M1: Why the hell not. We could show it all round the world. Make a fortune.

M2: Get an Academy Award from Billy Crystal even… but we’d need a star, what about that chick with the ‘sexiest voice on TV’? Gravel someone…

M1: You mean Mariella Frostrup?

M2: We can change her name.

M1: But if we showed a feature length film of people just talking about the Leonardo show and sent it all round the world, do you think anyone would pay to see it?

M2: They all queued up for Toy Story 3 didn’t they?

M1: Yes… that’s right…they did! Let’s get a crew together and start shooting this week.

And that's is what they did

Images: The thrill that is Leonardo Live: the motion picture. You can see the trailer here