Thursday, December 08, 2011

The days of their lives

In this week’s episode:

Paula announces she is leaving the City Gallery hard on the heels of Kate who has been in her job for under a year after the departure of Heather who went to Te Papa for a short time and then on to Massey. But before Paula announces her departure Pat begins a search for Kate’s replacement and Paula interviews Robert. Afterwards she surprises him with the news she is moving on. Robert flies back to Australia. The next week Greg, who lives in New York, turns up in town for a day. Meanwhile Pat surveys the community to see how a $10 door charge might go down. The survey also suggests that Wellington people might get in free. Will that fly Pat wonders. Will it even walk?

Next week:

Pat turns her mind to replacing Paula. Could she get Greg to return or did he have his sights on something more juicy across the Tasman? Tim might step up but how would Tim’s Te Papa style fit with the City Gallery contemporary art brand? Then there was Cam, close but maybe a little too close for comfort. Perhaps Elizabeth might want to come out of the cold or Blair away from the shakes. Would Heather do a boomerang? Well, she thinks, anythings possible, why Tina might even be persuaded to come down off the hill. As these options race through Pat’s mind, Paula plans her move to Auckland.