Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One day in the lab

G: Are they out there?

B: Yes, the waiting room's packed.

G: how many do you think?

B: Oh, I don’t know, more than 200, say 236.

G: Perfect.

(Time passes)

B: omg, look at that!

G: Unbelievable, is that six or seven times this morning?

B: Well, if you count the parking attendant it’s eight, but I’m concerned that will skew the stats.


G: The FA's are a bit listless this morning, don't you think?

B: Yes, a few of them did well last night but a lot complained of headaches.

G: A reaction to oil paint possibly?

B: Doubt it. Over 79 percent of them are conceptualists.

G: Right, not that then.

(later still)

G: The MA’s really are outstanding…

B: They certainly are. What are we talking? A two percent dysfunctionality, if that. 

G: … I mean that one over there, I didn’t even know that was possible.

B: Should I write it up into the results?

G: Yes, yes, do that and don’t worry about the tapes, I’ll hold onto them.

Behavioural scientists at Newcastle University have hypothesized that producing artwork functions as a mating display through investigating the relationship between mating success and artistic success in a sample of 236 visual artists. Their findings indicated that "more successful male artists had more sexual partners than less successful artists, but this did not hold for female artists." You can read more here.