Monday, November 21, 2011

The do Ron Ron

It’s the centennial of Ronald Reagan’s birth and the occasion is being taken up as an opportunity to lay flowers at - or in one case tie ropes around - statues of him throughout the world. The rope thing happened in California where a truck had a go at pulling the past President off his podium Sadam Hussein style, either in protest at Reagan’s contribution to the current economy or maybe to pig out on the growing value of bronze. Meanwhile Reagan statues have been popping up all over the place including a 1.1 million dollar one in D.C that is apparently one of three funded secretly by “four mystery donors.” The other two are in Simi Valley and Budapest (kid you not).
Images: Top: Ronald Regan leans to the left in Newport beach. Middle left to right, Regan takes a stand in London, the Ronald Regan Presidential Foundation and Library in Simi Valley Los Angeles, the Capitol and Ronald Regan airport in in Washington DC. Bottom in Covington (reputedly the largest RR statue in the world),Budapest, at his boyhood home and at the Ronald Regan library again.