Friday, February 25, 2011

Horse trading

Billy Apple and horses, horses and Billy Apple. You might recall we attached Billy Apple to a stolen horse story earlier in the year and now trademe is putting a Billy Apple rendering of the same sort of horse (artificial, fibre glass, life-sized) up for grabs (grabs worth more than $15,750 in this case. The shiny black horse that goes by the name of Billy is decked out in Apple red and green and sports an Apple logo. Billy is also in racing mode at the Dowse Art Museum where The Bruce and Denny Show is on display. You can bid on Billy at Trade Me here

As of now, the highest bid is $10,000 so only another $5,750 to meet the reserve and be in with a chance to snap up the beast for your collection or just to have hanging round the house. The perfect pet: immobile, silent, never under your feet begging for food, and happy to stay home alone when you're on holiday. 

You have until 12 March to get the funds together. Note most of the proceeds will go to the NZ Native Forests Restoration Trust.
And thanks for the heads W.