Thursday, February 03, 2011

Help is at hand

A note from the curator of the Crown Lynn exhibition at City Gallery in response to our previous post, tells us that there is a room sheet for the show, but it ran out on the opening night. She attached one that had a full list of works. It’s a shame though that the sheet doesn’t include any system of marking locations which could make for some confusion, particularly if you start at the wrong end of a display.

Still, with a bit of patience, it should be fairly easy to work out what everything is and who has done it. Besides, a bit of guesswork shouldn’t do any harm to what is a very impressive collection. If you want to know more about the work on display, check out here for details on talks by collectors and other experts. With luck, City Gallery will get someone with a handheld camera to record the talks and put them up on YouTube as Hamish McKay Gallery did with an insightful Peter Peryer talk to begin to add even more of that context and history.