Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rocks in the sky

One day in the developers' office:

Developer 1: Well, I think it looks totally buff.

Developer 2: Oh c’mon Derek. It has as much charm as a bloody hospital…we need something to liven it up…to give it a bit of class.

D1: You don’t mean class at all, do you? You mean art.

D2: Not just art, Derek, great art. Something classic, like a McCalm.

D1: A Mc-who?

D2: McCalm, Derek, Colin McCalm. D'oh!, sometimes I think I’m the only one in this office who even knows what culture is.


D2: I got the design rats to add a McCalm work to one of the Penthouse walls. We found a good one in a McCalm database, zoomed it up a bit and flipped it horizontally. Looks awesome,  so -you know- different. No one will be any the wiser. I’m completely psyched.

(Later again)

D1: I had a quick look at that database you were talking about and guess what, you were wrong. The guy’s name is McCahon, Colin McCahon.

D2: Whatever.

Image: Architectural rendering from a billboard advertising an apartment building in construction on Wellington’s Oriental Parade. You can see the original ‘McCahon’ Northland, 1961 here. Thanks B.