Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Booster Awards

Anyone in marketing knows that a fantastic way to seize the initiative is to start with extravagant claims for your product or service. That way you frame up expectations and neutralise any critics who always sound mealy mouthed in the face of your relentless optimism. To show how this mode has crashed into the marketing of art related products we are presenting the very best of art boosterisms on an irregular basis here on OTN.

So, here we go:

“Ambitious, phenomenal, groundbreaking. It looks at the power of contemporary art, conversations that reach beyond history, across cultures.”
Paula Savage talks up the City Gallery’s exhibition roundabout in the NZ Listener 25 September 2010

"This is something new for Wanganui and is the beginning of a renaissance era in contemporary public art for the city and the waterfront."
Mayor Michael Laws puts it out for public sculpture in a media release 16 September 2010

“Housed in one of the country's finest heritage buildings, the Museum's three floors tell the story of New Zealand.”
Auckland Museum website

“Catherine de Zegher believes Australia is on the verge of taking a central stage in outlining a new world view for the future.”
Co-curator 2012 Sydney Biennale in a Biennale press release

"Viewing these awe-inspiring art works on a guided walk in this environment is an experience to be treasured."
Promotion on their website for Connells Bay sculpture park on Waiheke Island

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