Friday, August 13, 2010

Slice and dice

Although it progresses at a snail’s pace, the new funding structures announced by Creative NZ will eventually (this time next year) impact on some of the currently funded arts organisations. It is the same impetus that has seen changes in government funded arts bodies around the world as Eurocentric funders realise the need to open up to a wider range of cultures. The big difference here is that CNZ is being asked to do this on the same or possibly less money. The cake will stay the same but some of the slices will be dished out to different clients around the table. The visual arts organisations are so skimpily funded by CNZ it probably won't make much difference but for individual artists it just gets tougher as institutions serve as the Government’s buffer between the real cultural heroes and the dosh.
You can read more about CNZ’s intentions here.
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