Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monkey say, monkey do

OTN’s push for better art bookshops in Wellington and in particular at the City Art Gallery might be making headway. Late last week a survey from the City Gallery asks participants to speak up on the type of shop they'd like to see. Ok it’s only a surveymonkey questionnaire but even a monkey can be revealing about what's up for consideration. As you will see, if you give it a go, the survey questions look like a check-up on how we would feel about another general posters-t-shirts-notebooks-jewellery-clothing-umbrella and craft kits affair peppered with art books, catalogues and quality prints. Perhaps the City Gallery (and the Auckland Art Gallery who may also be headed in this direction) would be better off talking to the folk out at the Dowse in Lower Hutt who tried and died with this formula. The effort to please everyone most often pleases no one.

At the time of this posting you can respond to the City Gallery's surveymonkey here.