Monday, May 11, 2009

I think therefore iPhone

Of course we are Apple people from way back, so anything that mashes art with the iPhone gets our instant attention. Strangely there were two examples sent to us this weekend. The first was stills from the Paris-based collective Claire Fontaine’s DVD of an iPhone being trashed. Not good. Our message to Claire Fontaine – lay off Apple. The second was news of David Hockney making art on the iPhone. This time it’s not so good in the art department (he even made a small easel for his iPhone transforming it into some weird kind of canvas substitute) but better for the iPhone. Hockney rather sweetly said, 'I like to draw flowers by hand on the iPhone and send them out to friends so they get fresh flowers. And my flowers last!' You can read more here.
Images: Top, iPhone bad by Claire Fontaine. Bottom, Hockney ♥ iPhone