Thursday, May 28, 2009

By the numbers

1 The number of days left in the One Day Sculpture series.

1 The number of Michael Parekowhai guitars on offer at the Auckland Art Fair.

2 The number of celebration dinners arranged by the Witte de With in Rotterdam honouring Billy Apple’s solo exhibition there.

5 The number of artists represented by Sydney dealer Roslyn Oxley who have had major exhibitions at the Wellington City Gallery over the last five years.

7.2 The percentage of funds allocated by CNZ to the Visual Arts in its Recurrent Funding of arts institutions.

10 The number of times the word ‘contemporary’ appears on the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery’s home page.

41 The average age of artists who have represented New Zealand at the Venice Biennale.

90 The number of exhibition catalogues published between 1954 and 1969 now available on the Auckland Art Gallery site.

120 The number of works slated for inclusion in Seraphine Pick’s survey exhibition opening 23 July at the Christchurch Art Gallery.

136 The number of students who graduated from the Elam School of Fine Arts in 2008.

50,000 The number of dollars Tourism New Zealand has spent creating a New Zealand reading room at the Venice Biennale

150,000 The approximate number of visitors Te Papa has reported to the exhibition Monet and the Impressionists.