Friday, March 06, 2009

Not a girl guide

When it comes to marketing it’s usual to put one’s best foot forward. From that perspective, the promotion of Warwick Brown’s latest book is way from the far end of the left field.

Warwick Brown - Seen This Century: 100 Contemporary New Zealand Artists; A Collectors Guide
This is a natty, squat book. Absolutely not a coffee table format.
The 100 artists have come to prominence since 2000. No performance art, video art, or film art is included.

Apart from having serious reservations about whether you can actually be squat and natty at the same time, what’s with the heralding no performance, film and video as a selling point? That’s like putting out a book for collectors in the eighties and saying it won’t be featuring loose canvas, anything in black and white or cut-outs. Still one thing they would have understood in the eighties - 70 percent of the artists featured are guys.

You can get a copy of Seen this century at Parsons when it is published mid April. You can see the list of artists here on OTN Stuff