Monday, March 02, 2009

News flash

News from CNZ on Friday that Judy Millar is looking for a new venue because of delays in refurbishing the first choice Sant' Antonin. Some new possibilities are the church that Mike Stevenson used (nice building but limited because of its distance from the main action) or Chiesa di San Fantin (near St Mark's Square which appears to be great location-wise). Apparently Millar has already made provision for possible flooding (Acqua Alta) by having her work on vinyl. Huge sheets of it will be stretched on a structure being built by Bruce Edgar, NZ’s Biennale technician. As a rule, although Venice can flood any old time, it is usually in November and after the Biennale finishes. As it is rarely higher than three feet, Millar’s work is probably safe.
Image: Chiesa di San Fantin