Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rubber necking

Back in the dying days of the National Art Gallery, we remember an exhibition of the Queen’s pictures being blockbusted into Wellington. One of the key works, and the one featured on the poster, showed a giraffe brought to the UK as a curiosity in the nineteenth century. Memorable image. So a bit of NZ giraffe history to warm you up for the news that a (or perhaps even some) giraffes are resident on the Gibbs sculpture farm north of Auckland. Now the Serra can have a top polish too.

Then, from the OTN Interiors editor, we understand that giraffe pattern rugs are available from thecompanystore.com. A chance in a lifetime to “Indulge your wild side with our exclusive animal skin design rug. Giraffe an elegantly natural attraction.” And finally, for anyone who believes we should be a giraffe-free country, check here for the Biosecurity rules pertaining to exporting giraffes from New Zealand to Australia.

Image: Giraffe looking over Serra sculpture (simulation only).