Friday, November 07, 2008

Out of touch

Not often you see a kids book with contemporary art in it. Let’s Get Art by Brad Irwin and John Ward Knox has kids looking and learning from art works by Peter Robinson, Michael Parekowhai, Eve Armstrong and others. Even Simon Denny gets a literal cameo as the only artist whose image appears in the book.

There was some talk that the Auckland Art Gallery bookshop wouldn’t stock Let’s Get Art because some of the pictures have the kids near or close to touching the art works. In fairness one of them, William, does do a handstand next to Peter Robinson’s ACK, but they are cartoons. If the bookshop story is true, they need to get out more. A note with the Art Gallery’s thoughts on kids and art in each copy or on the sales desk would be a better bet.

Good news for book lovers. This just in from the Gallery Bookshop:

Just heard the rumour that I may not get out enough - so, just want to lay that to rest before too many people find out the truth.

Actually, the Gallery shop does stock the 'Let’s Get Art' book. I, the out of touch merchandise manager, brought it in to time with the kids programme last Sunday.

I loved the book actually and have great faith that kids won't be inspired to cartwheel through our hallowed gallery spaces. Although, conceptual jumping up and down with joy over art - is of course wildly encouraged.


Maree Koroitamana