Monday, July 21, 2008

You’re know you’re soaking in it

We mentioned Franz West earlier in the week. In the applied arts museum MAK in Vienna we saw a show of West’s furniture called Sit on my chair. Lay on my bed. There was a provocation in there as to whether the work was supposed to be art or furniture but the price tells the tale. It’s art. And you can’t sit or lie on anything in the show (although you can do both on the couches seen in the images above that are in the MAK foyer). So we started thinking about an art collection that only included things you would find in the home. An art collection that might be invisible to many people. Our nominations.
Chairs – Franz West
Lamps – Jorge Pardo
Shelving – Haim Steinbach
Windows – Ralph Hotere
Blinds – et al.
Doors – Louise Bourgeois
Condiments – Paul McCarthy
Flooring – Fiona Connor
Tableware – Judy Chicago

Maybe we’ve been away too long.

Images: Franz West couches at MAK in Vienna