Monday, July 07, 2008

Ripping yarn

As this seems to be Sculpture Monday we should tell you about the latest sculpture scandal here in Berlin. Madame Tussauds has just opened here and one of the features in their new displays is a representation of Adolf Hitler. Not H the scourge of Europe (it is still illegal to display Nazi symbols here), but abject Adolf, moody, inward-looking and broken, a sad loser and obvious contender for immediate suicide watch. The people at Madame’s clearly thought this enfeebled Fuehrer would satisfy their critics who felt it was too early to have the Chancellor, even a wax one, back behind a desk in Berlin. As it worked out Tussauds didn’t have the Hitler feature open for long before the second visitor, a 41 year old guy, leapt over the barriers and ripped Adolf’s head off.
Image: Top, The wax Hitler meditating in his bunker. Bottom, an exclusive OTN reconstruction of the beheaded figure.