Tuesday, June 03, 2008


If anyone had doubts about how et al. would fare in an exhibition of top international artists (SPOILER ALERT: we never did), they would have had them removed at Art Unlimited at the Basel Art Fair. Walking past a truly great Carl Andre, a spectacular Murakami and an entire train craned in by Chinese artist Qiu Anxiong, et al.'s installation was right up there with the best of them and ahead of a lot. Starkwhite's John McCormack and Dominic Feuchs had good cause to be pleased with themselves and their artists. They also had Dane Mitchell in Statements. Mitchell, in cahoots with a witch, had cast a spell over part of the exhibition space. We noticed that even the doubters kept their feet and hands well clear of the demarcated space. Even we took a spell check on risking a photograph. CNZ was involved in supporting Dane Mitchell and may have (they will no doubt tell us in their own good time) supported et al. too. If so, good on them.
Image: entrance to et al.'s installation altruistic studies 2008