Thursday, June 05, 2008

Big Ears

Basel Art Fair: Day 2

The Dealers:
Dealer: "So we ship it back to New York. OK?"
Collector: "Colorado."
Dealer: "I meant Colorado."

"Do you not hear what I'm saying. This thing weighs 5000 pounds."

"We need the guys to come and we need to rehang this thing. (pause) Lots of guys."

"She hates my guts. There's nothing she wouldn't do to destroy my interest in all this."

"It might be possible, now that his brother has become a studio assistant."

The Collectors
"For someone who doesn't have one I guess it's ok."

Dealer: "And if you say, 'Yes, I definitely want it' you're on the list."
Collector: "I want it."

"My one's bigger (pause) ... and I think, better."