Monday, December 10, 2007

Your tax dollar at work

If you want to read John Hurrell reviews there is a new place to go. Up to a month or so ago he was review meister for artbash. How Artbash will cope without the man they call “the Headmaster" is hard to tell, but already there are signs that it is wobbling away from discussing art. John Hurrell was given $10,000 by CNZ and is using it to “assist him in the writing of the articles” which he is posting on a blog called eyeCONTACT. John obviously intends to run a tight ship. “My insistence on proper names is to minimize personal abuse, waffle and shameless self-promotion.” That said, he’s not short on content. In the just four days of operation he’s already posted thirteen of his relentlessly positive reviews. Better get over there quick or you’ll never catch up.